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How it all started!!!

Have you ever wondered how the biggest name in Male Glamour Shows the UK has ever witnessed was created?

Well look no further, we take an in depth look into how The Dreamboys, the UK's most successful Male Strip Group and Show was created and the man behind the Glamour and Muscle

David Richards - The Dreamboys Creator and Manager

Many shows are created each year, some sustain a career in the Entertainment business but many fail to make it past their first year in business. This certainly is not the case for The Dreamboys, the UK's biggest and most successful Male Strip Group and Show.

David Richards, a young and ambitions entrepreneur had a vision for what The Dreamboys could and should be. After buying out the entire Company and Brand which had taken a major decline and lost all it's respect and prestigiousness in the industry due to previous bad business ethics and management by the original Dreamboys creator, David Richards has managed to turn the entire Dreamboys Company and Brand around and into a multi million pound business extravaganza.

So how did David do this? David's career started in the Entertainment Industry 15 years ago. He has seen and witnessed first hand where many people and Companies make the wrong business decisions which ultimately leads to failure. Having so many years experience in the Entertainment Industry, David set his heart on creating the impossible, a Male Strip Group that would not only become mainstream and a household name but also earn Celebrity Status.

Dreamboys - The Long Road Ahead

David's first task was to set about finding the very best Male Models and Dancers in the Industry that could break the mold of traditional stand alone Models and turn them into stage superstars. David put out a national advertising campaign looking for young good looking guys to join what is now called The Dreamboys.

After being absolutely inundated with applicants, David set up auditions in London at the World Famous Pineapple Dance Studios, which is the mecca of Dance and Theatre classes in the UK and set about finding some serious eye candy talent.

After having over 500 hopefuls turn up, David then had the daunting task of narrowing them down to just 12. Realising that the task ahead was a mammoth one, David turned to his best friend and now business partner, Jason Lyons to help in what was going to be one hell of a ride.

Jason also had many many years experience in the industry and had also seen the pitfalls and massive failure The Dreamboys brand previously had, none the less Jason agreed to team up with David in buying out the entire Company and Brand as he believed in David's vision, passion and drive.

The Partnership Was Created

David and Jason worked alongside each other in choosing the best guys from the auditions that had been held in London. They managed to whittle down the 500 applicants right down to just 12 of the best guys that had applied. Their next task was to create a Show, but not just any Show, this had to be the very best and most dynamic Show on earth featuring some of the UK's hottest men with the aim to leave their audiences in fits of hysteria.

The next step was to find a Choreographer, there are some amazing and fantastic Choreographers out there but David and Jason needed something that little bit different with that extra edge over all other Choreographers. Welcome Hatim Kamel aka Tommy.

Hatim Kamel has not only been crowned 2 times World Break Dancing Champion, Hatim has also had previous experience in the Male Glamour Industry. He has produced massive stage Productions for the likes of Erotica which was the biggest Adult Entertainment Exhibition in the World held at Earls Court in London every year and this is why he was chosen to be The Dreamboys Choreographer.

The Dreamboys London West End Show Was Born

After carefully selecting the final 12 guys that had auditioned to be in this supergroup, David, Jason and Hatim sat down to work out the Show, the content for the Show, the Music and Creation for the Show but most of all work out "What Women Want" now that's an impossible task for most men, but not for these boys it wasn't.

The new boys were pulled in for 6 months of rehearsals in the dance studio while David sourced a Venue in London big enough to cope with the huge demand for Tickets he was expecting. In the mean time Jason took care of all the Accounts and Finances for the Company, between all 3 of them something magical was unfolding.

The opening night in London for The Dreamboys brand new Show had come around, and yes you guessed it, the Show was an absolute sell out. Ladies from across the UK were travelling to London on Hen Parties, Birthday Parties and Girls Nights Out to witness the phenomenon that is The Dreamboys. The Show became so successful so quickly that within 12 months David had opened a further 3 more Dreamboys Clubs in Brighton, Bournemouth and Edinburgh

Growing Faster Getting Stronger

After another 12 months David then opened a further 4 more Dreamboys Clubs in Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and Newcastle, making the grand total of 8 Dreamboys Clubs in the UK. So what was next for the Company? Surely it couldn't get any bigger? Well guess what? I did. The Dreamboys went on to appear on nearly every major TV Show in the UK including, The Live Final of The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, This Morning, Loose Women, Big Brother, The Only Way Is Essex, Pineapple Dance Studios, to name a few.

They have also featured in every National Newspaper and Magazine including: The Sun, The News Of The World, The Daily Star, The Mirror, The People, Heat Magazine, OK Magazine, Closer, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Look, More, and Hello Magazine to name a few.

Since starting this amazing roller coaster of a ride things have just got bigger and better for The Dreamboys Company and Brand. They have now achieved to be the only Male Strip Group in the World to have their very own Calendar in the High Street Shops every year alongside the likes of, Peter Andre, Tom Daley, Joey Essex, Mark Wright and David Beckham.

Taking The Show On Tour

The next step for David Richards, The Creator and Manager of The Dreamboys was to take the Show out on the road on Tour. This proved to be another huge stepping stone in the right direction for The Dreamboys and The Dreamboys UK Theatre Tour was created.

In 2012 The Dreamboys embarked on a 24 date national UK Theatre Tour which included some of the biggest and most prestigious Theatres in the UK. Some of the Theatres The Dreamboys performed at had previously had massive Worldwide superstar guests performing at them such as, Tom Jones, Dame Shirley Bassey, The Drifters and most recently the likes of The Saturdays, Peter Andre, Leona Lewis, Michael McIntyre, Alan Carr, John Bishop, so it was an absolute honour for The Dreamboys to be able to perform on stages that such stars had also graced.

The 2012 Tour was such a huge success that word spread very quickly in Theatre Land and soon every Theatre across the UK wanted The Dreamboys performing at their Theatre

So What Now For The Dreamboys In 2013

The Dreamboys Tour for 2013 has gone from a 24 date UK Theatre Tour in 2012 to a massive, wait for it, 56 date UK Theatre Tour in 2013. The Dreamboys resident Saturday night shows in: London, Brighton, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle continue to sell out week by week with thousands of girls flocking to them to celebrate Hen Nights, Birthday Parties and of course Girls Nights Out.

The Dreamboys have their very own TV Show hitting your screens on Channel 4 this year around April/May time. This incredible real life TV Show takes you no place any other TV Cameras have been before and shows you the viewers everything you thought you'd never see. From the running of The Dreamboys Company and Brand, to the Team behind the madness that is The Dreamboys, to all the backstage gossip and drama, to The Dreamboys themselves in their everyday life. This 360 degree real life Channel 4 documentary will have you on the edge of your seats, guaranteed!!!

Dreamboys Mania Has Finally Landed

Dreamboys Mania has finally landed and after many years of blood, sweat and tears, The Dreamboys Company and Brand is finally where it needs to be, at the top of the tree and the leading Company and Show in Ladies Night Entertainment.

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